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SSSOT manufactures and sells high-power pulsed LED illuminators that are suitable for optical spectroscopy and research in biology and materials science. They are much superior to the illuminators based on traditional light sources such as incandescent, arc, halogen, or discharge lamps in terms of cost, efficiency, and operational life time.

The distinguished features of the LED illuminators of SSSOT are:
  • Wide spectral range: from 440 to 650 nm;
  • Variable light power: from 0 to 1000 mW;
  • Variable frequency of light flashes: from 0 to 10 kHz;
  • Light focusing: minimum spot size is 2.5 mm;
  • High wall plug efficiency: up to 70%;
  • Long operational life time: > 10000 h.

Photograph to the right shows light source SSSOT-LED-S00-455 attached to optical microscope Olympus SZX12. The source illuminates a stained biological specimen placed in the microscope.

How to order
LED illuminator is a system composed of an LED controller and LED sources connected to the controller with cables.
  • LED sources are coded as SSS-LED-S(x1)(x2)-(x3)(x4)(x5).
    Digit (x1)=0 for a source with the light energy delivered to a specimen in free space with a focusing optics; (x1)=1 for a source with the light energy delivered with a liquid lightguide.
    Digit (x2)=0 for a source with fixed aperture; (x2)=1 for a source with variable aperture.
    Combination of digits (x3)(x4)(x5)= 455 for a source with the emission spectral peak at 455 nm; (x3)(x4)(x5)= 470 - 470 nm; (x3)(x4)(x5)= 505 - 505 nm; (x3)(x4)(x5)= 530 - 530 nm; (x3)(x4)(x5)= 590 - 590 nm.
    Example: SSSOT-LED-S01-455 is an LED source with the free-space light energy delivery method using focusing optics with variable aperture and a spectral emission peak at 455 nm.
  • Controllers are coded as SSSOT-LED-C(x1)(x2)(x3).
    Digit (x1)= number of channels (sources to be connected).
    Digit (x2)= 0 for coarse power tuning; (x2)=1 for precise power tuning.
    Digit(x3)=0 for no timers built-in; (x3)=1 for timers built-in for each channel.
    Example: SSSOT-LED-C100 is a controller with one channel (one source to be connected), coarse power tuning, and no timers built-in.
  • Illuminators are coded as SSSOT-LED-I(Controller code-Source 1 code-Source 2 code-...).
    Example: SSSOT-LED-I(C100-S00-455) is an LED illuminator with a single channel controller, coarse power tuning, no timers built-in, and an LED source with focusing optics, fixed aperture, and 455-nm spectral peak of emission.
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LED Sources with fixed aperture SSSOT-LED-S00-xxx
LED Sources with variable aperture SSSOT-LED-S01-xxx
LED Sources with liquid lightguide SSSOT-LED-S10-xxx
LED Controller SSSOT-LED-C100 (former SSSOT-002X-DRV)
LED Controller SSSOT-LED-C110 (former SSSOT-002X-DRV-P)
LED Controller SSSOT-LED-C201 (former SSSOT-001X-CON)
SSSOT-001X-CAB, Patchcord
SSSOT-001X, Pulsed LED illuminator
SSSOT-002X, Pulsed LED illuminator
LED Illuminator SSSOT-LED-I(C1x0-S0x-xxx) (former SSSOT-002X)